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From beginning to end this is one of the best auto runners IMHO, but it is so much more. I love the absence of music, the sound effects truly create an immersive experience. Perfect execution of impactful minimalism.  Might go over some people's head if they have a lot to learn about life and the true nature of existence, but it is still fun for everyone. I understood everything tho, I am one with the Martyr Nodes.

I know free is free, but it was originally $3 USD so if they feel it is worth a price at all then the developer should be willing to handle some critique.

That feeling when a dev doesn't feel like putting in the effort to just make a puzzle platformer so they make it an 'autorunner' instead like some terrible mobile game.

What a shame honestly.  Great ideas with terrible execution.

The visual aesthetic is great, however the sound effects are a bit too 'Atari' which doesn't fit the 8-bit graphics IMHO.  Needs more 'NES' sounds instead of 'Atari' ones.  There also isn't any music and I feel that detracts from the experience.

The intro was a bit confusing (not sure when you are able to take control) but I'll chalk that up to a personal thing on my end.

TLDR: Needs some chiptune-style 8-bit music and sound effects that sync with the visual aesthetic.  I know they wanted to make an 'autorunner' but even by the (low) standards of that genre I don't feel it works well outside of the mobile space.


i managed to reach level 11, fun game but drives you crazy XD

Really fun game, congratulations!

Update plans? I hope, love this game so much!

thinking about new mechanics, new hazards, maybe flipping the script on the entire direction of the game. possible expansion/sequel.

All that sounds amazing! 

I'm enjoying your game so far. I did have one small bug on level 4. I'm having trouble reproducing it, but when jumping from the solid platform to the blue floating platform  the direction switching device sent me through the wall. It worked out fine as it drops you back down to the beginning of that portion and it's easy enough to get back to the same spot. I figured that may not be intended though. 

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thanks for the reply. i have experienced that on rare cases when the player gets pinched between a wall and a moving platform, they get clipped outside the wall (or level, which produces an error message and restarts the level).

i plan on coming up with some kind of event that could catch drastic changes in the player's position. most of the time i just created levels that were impossible to get pinched on. again, thanks and hopefully i can solve it.